Descent into Light

16,000 Years ago five brave heroes saved the world. In doing so, they unwittingly unleashed an ancient and powerful magic. It was many years before the effects of the magic were seen in the land, and the heroes had long since retired or died. It began with a fine mist flooding over the land, corrupting all that it touched.

At first, the warriors and kingdoms of the land were able to keep the mist and those it afflicted at bay. However, as time passed the magic grew stronger, and soon the last bastions of civilization resided within the massive walled cities of Mournhold and Del Gorim. Brave merchants, and the occasional foolhardy adventurer would attempting traveling between the two cities, and for a time they would emerge successfully from their travels in the mist. But the mist grew stronger, and rose ever higher, and the desperate citizens built their walls even higher. Each generation building a new city on top of the old, leaving the remains of their old lives below to be swallowed by the mist. Soon the merchants and adventurers stopped coming, and the wizards who teleported to Del Gorim did not return, it was assumed that the city had been lost. Nobody has left Mournhold and returned for over 3,000 years.

This is where you were born. Raised in the twisted streets, you and everyone you know will live and die in the confines of the city. 2300 years ago, the mist stopped rising, and since then a sense of normalcy has returned. The city is ruled by the noble houses: House Kyprioth is the current ruling house, and their allies and body guards, House Devorci-Ry’ Eth patrol the city and keep the peace. House Zerandii hold the merchants quarters in their sway, and House Sorendill keeps the scavengers of the sewers and old cities beneath Mournhold, commonly called Tunnel Rats, in check. This morning, you read a notice:
Calling All Adventurers, House Zerandii is looking for able bodied glory seekers for a dangerous mission into the depths of the old city. If you think you have what it takes, Come to the Merchants guild headquarters on Market Street.

Descent Into Light